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Driving Diversion Program (DDP) was developed to support participants in paying any outstanding citations and fulfill state designated requirements necessary to reinstate a participant’s driver’s license.

  • This program is fully managed by Diversion Solutions at no cost.
  • It helps break the cycle of repeat offenders who may owe thousands of dollars because they keep driving without a valid license, many times simply to get to work.
  • Diversion Solutions provides an online reporting system that ensures accountability is built into the program’s evaluation so that its degree of success can be objectively monitored, measured, and reported.


DDP is an accountability and learning program for participants.

  • Accountability – The diversion program will be in contact with participants on a monthly or bi-monthly basis until all requirements of the program have been completed.
  • Training – The participant must take part in the four hour Self Development Seminar which includes basic life skills, paper work required by state, etc.
  • Restitution – Offenders are required to pay full restitution on fines and fees as related to the revocation or suspension of participant’s drivers’ license. Diversion Solutions works directly with DVS.